About Kassak

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Kassak Centre has taken its name from the avant-garde artists Lajos Kassák, to promote international intermedia creativity. Since 2000 it has published books and issued audios CDs and projects on CD-roms, as well as organized a number of symposiums and exhibitions. Since Studio erté closed in 2007, Kassak Centre has continue its activities, such as Transart Communication.

One of the important actions is Kassak centre history, was the independent project ‘Transart Communication Public Dialogue’ (2010) in Komárno (SK) / Komárom (H). The project engaged with the two towns, through the daily experience of exchange across the border, by infusing Slovak and Hungarian artists, to create interventions in the public space. It was initiated, as a direct response to the rising nationalism and political extremism, at the time, to create social cohabitation and to generate dialogue between citizens of different nationalities and ethnic groups with artistic and public arts.