About Transart Communication 30

About Transart Communication 30 2018-05-29T11:11:04+00:00

Transart Communication 30 is an umbrella project, taking place in central Europe, which aims to involve all forms of performance art, through a wide constellation of performative activities, conferences and workshops across cultures, countries and disciplines.

TAC30 program will run from June-October 2018, with participation of more than 100 international performance and multimedia artist, theorists and curators from over 30 countries.

The program will offer: Open Call, Boat Project, Train Project, Mobile Performance and Multimedia art Library, Transart Communication 2018 (festival), Public Group Performances, Exhibitions,  Cooking Performances and the project Performance Box.

Performance Box is a collaboration between Kassak Centre and association HALA, which will present 8 Asian artists, to create performances as part of Pohoda Festival 2018

Transart Communication 2018 partners: Fundacja Rozwoju Sztuki Intermediów (Krakow/Poland) – Vajda Lajos Stúdió Kulturális Egyesület (Szentendre/Hungary) – Galerie Michal (Ostrava/Czech Republic)